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The Official Celtic Gaming Chair

The Official Celtic Gaming Chair

GT Omega are thrilled to announce that the Celtic F.C. Player Edition gaming chair is available again as a limited edition.

Are you a passionate Celtic fan who loves to game or just needs an office chair? If so, the official Celtic FC Gaming and Office Chair is the perfect way to show your support for your favourite team while you game. This high-quality gaming chair is designed to provide all-day comfort and support, with features like a high-density foam seat and backrest, adjustable armrests and lumbar support, and a reclining backrest. It's also upholstered in Celtic's iconic colours, with the club's crest proudly displayed on the headrest and on the back.

Whether you're playing the latest video games or competing in online tournaments, the Celtic Player Edition Gaming Chair is the perfect way to support your team.

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• State of the Art Ergonomic Design
• High-density foam seat
• Adjustable armrests and lumbar support
• Reclining backrest for relaxation
• Durable construction for long-lasting use
• Supple reinforced PU leather
• Officially licensed Celtic FC Branding and Colours


• Show your support for your favourite team
• Get all-day comfort and support
• Improve your posture and alignment
• Increase your focus and concentration
• Game longer and harder without fatigue

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