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The GT Omega racing wheel stand is the perfect way to level up your home gaming set up. A high performance racing solution, tailored to those who are looking to upgrade their home set up to an all-immersive, realistic racing experience. Ditch the mouse and keyboard with a high performance racing solution. Offering a level of adjustability that is unrivalled, the GT Omega range of wheel stands are a great option for those who want to take the next steps in making the move from the couch to the immersive world of sim racing gaming.

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Begin your sim racing journey, create your own racing space.

Our Classic wheel stand is the ideal option for those buying their first wheel stand, made with a premium steel framework that is multi-adjustable to suit all gamers, foldable for easy storage and compatible with all major brand wheels and pedals. It utilises a twin-spar design and can be used sitting almost anywhere, from your sofa to the dining table. 

The Apex wheel stand offers great adjustability with a steel frame that uses an X-frame design for improved stability and strength. It is compatible will all leading brand wheels and pedals. Also suitable for a home set up, the GT Omega Apex Steering wheel stand is also a suitable solution for direct drive wheels.






Multiple gear shifter mounting positions available.


Easy to fold away for a quick storage solution. 


Adjust both wheel deck and pedals to suit your needs.


Giovanni L - Simply the best. Solid. 100% satisfaction

Matthew H - All in all its a very good buy for anyone wanting a good wheel stand.

Daniel V - A great buy. It is so stable, very easy to assemble and adjust to your needs. The best steering wheel base in relation quality/price.