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GT Omega at the Twitch Glasgow Meetup

GT Omega at the Twitch Glasgow Meetup

Arriving At The Twitch Glasgow Meet-up

GT Omega was recently the main sponsor for the first Official Twitch Glasgow Meet Up and as part of this, we sent a few staff to attend the event hosted at Glasgow's renowned Drygate Brewery.


The entry was free to anybody who wished to attend, this is a requirement from Twitch for them to endorse it with their licensing officially.


Upon entry, we were greeted with big smiles from the organizers Toastie and JustKaalin, two well-known Twitch Partners who have been working for the good part of the year to put this all together. To gain entry, they scanned the QR code sent after signing up and gave us a wristband so we could leave and return as we please along with a strip of raffle tickets for prizes being given away at the end of the night!


Once we were checked in, we proceeded to enter the room. The room was set up with plenty of seating and tables.

First Impressions

Once we were checked in, we proceeded to enter the room. The room was set up with plenty of seating and tables.

 The events organizers Toastie(left) and JustKaalin(right}

Looking across the venue, to the right was a photo booth set up with a big Twitch purple banner with all the sponsor's logos on it to allow groups to gather and get their photos taken, many of whom were meeting the friends they had made via Twitch streams for the first time.

 A view of the seating from the main stage

Front and center was the main stage, this was set up with a table and two GT Omega Zephyr series chairs for the Quiz Masters to sit in.

To the Left was a large table that had complimentary cupcakes they were vanilla with a white icing and topped with either a GT Omega logo or the official Twitch Meet Up logo. 


The cupcakes were split into two separate paper casings of silver and gold. The silver casing was to reflect it was a standard recipe cupcake and the gold was to represent it was a vegan recipe. I found this to be a nice touch and was very inclusive of the Twitch Glasgow organizers to consider.


Finally next to these was a local Glasgow business named R-CADE which run a retro gaming cafe/Arcade. They attended with an N64 and GameCube set up on two large screens and had 6 GT Omega Elite Series chairs provided to allow people to sit in comfort. They had plenty of games to play solo or with friends, these included Street Fighter, MarioKart, and SSX Tricky. They ran a fastest-time competition on SSXX Tricky during the first 90 minutes of opening for attendees to have a chance to win a tote bag with R-CADE branded merchandise along with a pass for their late-night sessions at their venue.


The Twitch Glasgow and GT Omega Themed Cupcakes. Zephyr Series Front and Centre On The Main Stage

R-CADE's Banner With The GT Omega Elite Series Chairs Attendees In The GT Omega Elite Series Chairs Playing Retro Games

The event begins!

The night started off as a casual mixer giving people time to get settled in, and to have some drinks whilst socializing with one another. After about 90 minutes Quizmaster Gary got on the microphone to announce the quiz was going to be starting soon and for everybody to get their teams formed (if not already).


 Teams were allowed a maximum of 8 people, GT Omega had 3 people on their team, however, after noticing a couple of people on their own we offered them to join us which brought us up to 5 forming the team we named GTOmegaLuL.


The quiz was put together very well, there were roughly 6 different rounds, and each round had a different theme or format. The first round was a general knowledge round, following this, rounds included a Guess the Song round where you had to name the artist and name of the song from a short clip that was played over the speakers.


 In addition to this, there were picture rounds where you had to name the comic book or video game characters pictured and a unique anagram round that had two tv shows mixed into one and vowels missing, this round was by far the hardest! GTOmegaLuL put in a good effort and ended up finishing 5th out of roughly 20 teams which was great considering we were at a disadvantage by not having the maximum number of 8 people we were allowed.


Special shoutouts go to the 2 who joined us as they really did well on questions we would have otherwise answered wrong. All in all, the quiz was very enjoyable and the winners received a round of drinks from the organizers!


Quizmaster Gary Starting The QuizGT Omega John working on the quiz answers.

Wrapping Up The Night

This brought us to the final part of the evening. There was an intermission following the buzz created by the quiz that lead straight into the raffle.


The organizers sourced other sponsors for the night to be able to provide a variety of prizes and in my honest opinion, the prizes offered were very well selected for the people attending.

They varied from streaming peripherals, high-end makeup, energy drinks bundles, and of course a GT Omega chair. A variety of people associated with the giveaways joined the organizers on the stage to draw the tickets from a big bowl.


The last to join the stage was ourselves, GT Omega. The organizers gave a nice speech thanking us for sponsoring the event and mentioned how it was important for them to have local businesses be a part of the night. After the speech our colleague Lawrence drew out the winning ticket and with a burst of energy, the winner jumped out of his seat shouting yaas! He joined Lawrence on stage to get photos taken.


After the raffle was done, he had mentioned to Lawrence that he had an off-branded chair that had broken the week before, and of all the prizes this was the one he wanted! So, all in all, a good result for ourselves and the winner.

That then concluded the night, we said our goodbyes, packed our stuff, and headed off into the night very pleased with how everything unfolded.

 GT Omega Raffle Prize Runner With GT Omegas Lawrence, Toastie and JustKaalin

Again, a big thanks to Toastie and JustKaalin for considering us as a sponsor, we suggest looking them up and checking out their streams!


All photos  were taken by the hugely talented Pretendasaur. Thank you for capturing this amazing evening. 📸😁

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