GT Omega Gaming Cockpits for Racing Sims

Taking the sim racing experience to another level with GT Omega

Say goodbye to wheels clamped to desks and pedals under the table that slip around during gear changes. The GT Omega range of gaming simulator cockpits is going to see your gaming experience going to the next level.

Want to drive comfortably with a fully adjustable wheel deck? Have multiple users and know that seats needed mounted differently, pedals need adjusted, or the cockpit length needs changed quickly? We have it covered.

Shop for great deals on fully adjustable gaming cockpits at GT Omega.

Getting to know what makes GT Omega cockpits special

Have you ever sat in a racing game rig in an arcade and found that something isn’t quite right? The seat may not adjust how you want. The pedals could be unreactive. The wheel might be at the wrong height....

These are all problems that gamers can encounter with cockpits but won’t when settling into a GT Omega sim rig. We have a range that is built to perform.

Our best-selling range of gaming cockpits

A one-size-fits-all approach to racing sims just doesn’t work. That’s why our team has developed a highly-rated range of gaming cockpits to suit all gamers. This includes our:

  • ART Cockpit
  • PRIME Cockpit
  • TITAN Cockpit

We recommend looking through each to build a picture of what gaming chair will suit you best. And remember, our chairs can also be customised in terms of colour options and accessories to help give you

A truly customisable racing sim experience

It’s best to think of sim racing cockpits like how you drive a car. You’re going to have your own unique ways of doing things. Your gaming cockpit needs to be set up to give you the besting gaming experience possible. Our cockpits have a range of options to help make that happen.

The likes of the PRIME Cockpit has a fully adjustable seat and steering wheel options so you can have a standard, front-mounting and podium mounting for wheels like the Fanatec DD. The GT Omega ART, TITAN and PRIME racing cockpits all come with a choice of our three GT Omega Racing Seats and the option to get just the rig with no seat if you already have another seat you prefer!

Gaming cockpits with a host of accessories

A good sim cockpit is more than just a comfortable chair in a sturdy rig. You always want something that gives a little extra for the ultimate sim-racing experience. That’s why we have a selection of accessories available with specific rigs, including:

  • Monitor Stands
  • Monitor Mounts
  • Floor Mats
  • Keyboard Trays
  • Gear Shifter Mounts
  • Speaker Mounts

If you already have a sim rig and need an upgrade, shop our range of cockpit accessories, where you’ll also find chassis supports and locking caster wheels.

An easier way to pay for racing simulators

Getting the ultimate racing or flying sim experience is more affordable with GT Omega. We have a variety of ways to pay, with the option to spread the cost of your order with Klarna (with no interest or fees) or PayPal Credit. And don’t forget, we offer free shipping on all orders!

Are you buying a gaming cockpit for someone else?

Looking to get a cockpit as a gift for someone? Unsure what you’re looking for, or don’t want to make any mistakes with your order? Get in touch directly with the GT Omega team. Just click the LIVE CHAT button in the corner to speak with someone during our regular operating hours. You can also leave a message on our contact page.