GT Omega Gaming Sim Wheel Stands

Wheel stands & peripherals for the ultimate simracing experience

Offering a level of adjustability and optimisation that is unrivalled, the GT Omega range of wheel stands are a great option for those who want to take the next steps in improving their sim racing experience but may not have the space or need for a complete gaming cockpit just yet.

We have designed this range ourselves, taking our years of experience from sim racing to create what we believe are some of the best gaming wheel stands in the market. Whether you’re looking to keep things simple with the GT Omega Classic or feel the need to take the next step with our incredible Apex wheel stand, shop our sim stands today, with FREE delivery and a 30-day return option if you’re not completely satisfied.

Getting to know the GT Omega Wheel Stand Range

We’ve taken the time to work on a small range of wheel stands that provide the ideal balance of performance and practicality. That means no wheel stands that are confusing to construct, clunky to move around or awkward to store. The Classic and Apex are our main stands, and here is some helpful information on each:...

GT Omega CLASSIC Wheel Stand

Our Classic wheel stand is the ideal option for those buying their first wheel stand, made with a premium steel framework that is multi-adjustable to suit all gamers, foldable for easy storage and compatible with all major brand wheels and pedals. It utilises a twin-spar design and can be used sitting almost anywhere, from your sofa to the dining table. It is also highly customisable, with a host of accessories and rear seat frame available.

GT Omega APEX Wheel Stand

The fan favourite, our Apex wheel stand offers great adjustability with a steel frame that uses an X frame design for improved stability and strength. It is compatible will all leading brand wheels and pedals. APEX accessories include monitor stands, and caster wheels, with the option of also having an APEX read seat frame.The GT Omega Apex Steering wheel stand is also a suitable solution for direct drive wheels.

What to think about when buying a sim racing wheel stand

If you’re making the progression from a wheel mounted on a desk to a wheel stand, you’ll want to be reassured you’re buying a product that suits your needs; not just in terms of gaming performance but how adaptable your new wheel stand will be to the space you’re putting it in when.

When buying a sim racing wheel stand, ask yourself:

  • How much space do I have for a wheel stand?
  • Where can I easily store the stand?
  • What mounts will I need?
    • e.g., if you want your keyboard accessible
  • Will I eventually want to upgrade to a cockpit?
    • The GT Omega Classic stand is fully upgradable to a cockpit

If you’re pondering what you need from a stand, get in touch, and we’ll help you figure out which suits your gaming needs best.

Buying options that suit your preferences

GT Omega wants to make it as simple as possible for you to get the sim racing wheel stand you want. We offer many payment options, including Google Pay & Apple Pay. You can also purchase our wheel stands through Klarna (with no interest or fees) or PayPal Credit.

Are you buying for someone more inclined to flight sim than racing? Not sure what accessories you’ll need to give someone their deal stand set-up? We recommend you get in touch with our team, who will happily assist in making sure you get the right stand with anything else necessary, so you know you’re buying the best gift possible.