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PRO Series gaming chair
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PRO Series
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ELITE Series - Gaming Chair
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ELITE Series
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SPORT Series Gaming Chair
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SPORT Series
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PRO XL Series - Gaming Chair
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PRO XL Series
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Shop our undisputed range of gaming chairs

Whether you’re playing like a pro, like having added comfort when sitting for a gaming session or spend a lot of time working from home and feel it’s time to upgrade from the kitchen table or fold-out chair in the spare room, you’ll want to get a high-quality gaming chair.

GT Omega is helping anyone who needs a high-quality gaming chair get a great deal from our highly-rated range. From the best-selling PRO Series to our super-sleek ELEMENT Series, we have gaming and office chairs to suit all styles.

With FREE delivery on all orders, years of experience in our workshop, and the option to pay in instalments, make buying a gaming chair an easier purchase when you shop with GT Omega.

Getting to know what makes GT Omega chairs special

We’ve been making chairs since 2009. Our team’s experience has seen us update our core range and offer new chair styles over the years. We want to give customers an ultra-comfortable, durable, and long-lasting chair that is affordable....

We never cut corners. We never opt for cheaper parts. We take time to cultivate a range of chairs that are unique and made to last. Our range of premium gaming chairs includes:

  • PRO Series
  • ELITE Series
  • SPORT Series
  • PRO XL Series
  • ELEMENT Series (including the exclusive NAPPA edition)
  • Special edition (where our limited edition chairs can be found)

We recommend looking through each to build a picture of what gaming chair will suit you best. And remember, our chairs can also be customised in terms of colour options and accessories to help give you a

Knowing what YOU should be looking for when shopping for gaming chairs

Getting a chair with a bazillion accessories won’t be for everyone. Your chair needs to be customised to your needs. Someone shopping for a chair for casual gaming will be after something different from someone shopping for a new work chair.

If you’ve been told that gaming chairs are an excellent choice for working but don’t know why, it is largely down to the support our chairs can offer, especially if you find yourself stuck in long video calls throughout the day. Gaming chairs will have a higher back and headrest than your typical office chair; great if you’re someone who has found that posture has become an issue working from home. Our chairs also have a more adjustable recline than most office chairs, with a tilt locking mechanism for improved comfort.

Gaming chairs with minimal upkeep

We’ve all been there when you spill a drink or end up with a little blotch on furniture. When you have a GT Omega chair, cleaning stains and such is a doddle, with our chairs having reinforced PVC leather or easy-to-clean fabric.

Applying for a gaming chair on finance

Unlike other brands, GT Omega chairs won’t break the bank. We not only offer chairs at great prices, but we also offer our products with flexible payment options too. You can choose from Klarna or PayPal Credit to buy a chair in whichever way suits you best.

Buying a gaming chair for someone else?

Getting a chair as a gift and don’t want to buy the wrong thing? Get in touch with the GT Omega team by clicking the LIVE CHAT button in the corner. We’ll help make it easier to find the best option.