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MOZA R12 Compatibility Guide

MOZA R12 Compatibility Guide


GT Omega MOZA Compatibility Guide

Want to find out if the MOZA R12 is compatible with your GT Omega equipment? You're in the right place.

As the MOZA R12 uses a standard mounting hole pattern it can mount to any of the GT Omega Wheel Stands and Cockpits. That doesn’t mean that it’s a suitable partner for everything you can find on the GT Omega store.

If you want to get the most out of the MOZA R12 by pairing it with a specific GT Omega rig or just want to know how your current set up will handle, this new piece of kit then continue down the page to find out.

Moza R12 Wheel Base

Check out our review of the MOZA R12 Wheel Base.

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Classic Steering Wheel Stand

GT Omega Classic Steering WHeel Stand

Can you mount the MOZA R12 to a GT Omega Classic Wheel Stand? 



Should you? 

Probably not.


The Classic Steering Wheel Stand is a tried-and-true design for entry level sim racing fans but sadly, the MOZA R12 falls a little outside of its effective range.


You can bolster your stand and add the Classic Wheel Stand Support Bars. This quick and easy addon will allow it to withstand more powerful wheels but you may have to tune them down a little to maintain a consistent driving experience.


Additionally, you have the option to add the Classic Rear Seat Frame to transform your Classic Wheel Stand into a full racing cockpit.


Verdict: You could but we wouldn’t recommend it. Stick with the MOZA R5 Bundle Kit with the Classic set up.

Apex Steering Wheel Stand

The GT Omega Apex Steering Wheel Stand can pair reasonably well with the MOZA R12. We’ve tested the Apex with Direct Drive wheels rated up to 16 N·M of Torque and that’s what we would consider the absolute upper limit for the Apex as flex and wobble start to become quite apparent.


For a more consistent and rewarding driving experience we would still recommend the MOZA R9 over the R12 for the Apex.

If you are set on using the MOZA R12 on your Apex Wheel Stand you might need to make sure you’re fully connected to the rig to improve the structural stability.


Our Apex stands now come packaged with the Apex Chair Link which adds extra stability to the whole set up letting you get more from your stand straight out of the box. If you have an older stand you can pick up the chair link on our store.

As with the classic, the Apex can also be paired with a rear seat frame to turn it into a full racing cockpit, bumping the stability and rigidity of the whole stand to the next level.


Verdict: The Apex Steering Wheel Stand is suitable for the MOZA R12 but it’s ideal MOZA partner is still the MOZA R9.

ART Cockpit

ART Cockpit

Enjoying its near decade long status as one of the most reliable and competitive sim racing rigs available, this affordable racing cockpit is still the best choice for people new to sim racing or those looking for their first rig.


Can the ART Cockpit work with the MOZA R12? 

Yes it can, but much like the Classic wheel stand you might not get the most out of the R12.


The ART Cockpit Support Bars should be picked up if you’re looking to use more powerful wheel bases. This quick and easy attachment is something that everyone can benefit from no matter what equipment you’re using but it’s absolutely one you will need if you’re wanting to use the MOZA R12.

Verdict: Similar to the Classic Wheel stand, the ART is not a great fit for more powerful wheel bases but if you’re set on the MOZA R12 I would make sure to upgrade the stability of your rig with the ART Cockpit Support Bars.

TITAN Cockpit

TITAN Cockpit

Does the MOZA R12 mount to the Titan cockpit?


Yes, and it is a GREAT fit for the rig.


No longer the newcomer to our sim cockpit line-up, the Titan has earned its position as a robust all-rounder in the sim racing world. Incredible strength with a compact footprint, this rig is designed to stand up to the strongest equipment on the market and look good while doing it.

Combined with the MOZA R12, the Titan delivers a smooth and responsive racing experience with zero flex.

Verdict: The MOZA R12 is a fantastic pairing for the TITAN cockpit and is a great upgrade for anyone looking to get more from their sim racing set up.

PRIME and PRIME Lite Cockpits

You won’t be surprised to hear that the MOZA R12 mounts to the PRIME Cockpit and PRIME Lite Cockpit


Both our aluminium profile rigs are perfectly suited to let you get the most out of direct drive setups and this is no exception.

Aluminium profile cockpits are all the rage for a reason and the entire MOZA ecosystem is compatible with both PRIME rigs.


Designed to provide near limitless adjustability and customisation options while delivering rock-solid stability, the GT Omega PRIME and PRIME Lite cockpits are a perfect partner for the MOZA R12 and both are compatible straight out of the box with the basic wheel decks.


Verdict: It doesn’t get any better than this. The GT Omega Aluminium profile racing rigs are built to be future proof and easily handle the most powerful sim racing gear. The MOZA R12 will find itself at home on either of these rigs.

Our Recommendation for the MOZA R12

If you've read through the sections above you'll already have a good idea of which of the GT Omega rigs we think are the best fit for the MOZA R12.


The TITAN, PRIME and PRIME Lite Cockpits are your best choice to pair with the R12. All three of these rigs handle it incredibly well and will let you get the most out of this excellent piece of kit.


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