Floor Pad

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Color: Blue

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5mm thick cushioning ensures your floors remain free of scratches and scrapes.


The textured rubber underside ensures your mat will stay firmly in place even if you are moving on your chair!


The GT Omega Floor Pad is resistant toward liquids helping minimise any damages from spills.


With a stylish minimalistic design with 6 unique coloured edges to choose from it’s easy to match any set up!

Product Details

Prevent scratches and scrapes on your floor with the best floor mat for gaming and office chairs, the GT Omega Floor Pad.

This incredible floor protector features our signature cloth weave fabric which is incredibly durable and water repellent, yet soft to the touch with an industry leading 5mm thick cushioning.

Designed to last for years of daily use, the GT Omega Floor Pad features embroidered anti-fray edges and a dual-purpose non-slip rubber backing which protects your floors and stops the mat from slipping or sliding.

Ideal for protecting laminate and wooden floors alike, the GT Omega Floor Pad is the perfect addition to any gaming set up and is the best floor mat to pair with our gaming chairs.

Our minimalistic and tasteful design features 7 different colours which allows the GT Omega Floor Pad to match any set up. Give your floors the protection they deserve.

  • Unbeatable Floor Protection
  • Non-Slip Rubber backing
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable, long-lasting material
  • Suitable for any size gaming chair
  • Simple and tasteful design to fit any set up

5mm Thickness

95cm Width

120cm Length