Premier Sim Gaming League

The Premier Sim Gaming League (PSGL) is a leading organization in the F1 video game community, initially founded as 'PS3GL' to host PlayStation 3 events featuring games like Codemasters’ F1, FIFA, and Gran Turismo. Over time, PSGL has explored various games, but the F1 franchise remains its core focus, attracting a vibrant community of over 8,000 Discord members since transitioning from a forum in 2019.

F1 Leagues

PSGL is renowned for its F1 leagues, which are open to global participants eager to compete weekly. These leagues run for 12 to 14 weeks, mimicking real-life F1 racing schedules. Today, many participants aim to progress to professional F1 Esports careers. PSGL supports these aspirations by offering a tiered structure that helps talented drivers advance and compete against top professionals like Jarno Opmeer, Bari Boroumand, and Thomas Ronhaar.

As the largest F1 league on both PlayStation and PC,
PSGL serves a diverse group of players, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic newcomers. Its leagues feature a broad range of skill levels and cater to both competitive and casual gamers.

GT Omega Partnership

In 2022, a landmark sponsorship deal was struck between GT Omega and PSGL. This collaboration began with the 31st season of PSGL and introduced the PSGL ESeries—a pioneering team event in community league racing. For the first time, official F1 Esports teams and partners like
Williams F1, Haas F1, and others participated, making it a historic moment in the F1 Esports community.

GT Omega’s partnership has been instrumental in enhancing
the quality of event streams, elevated the overall presentation and allowed the commentary and staff team to focus on delivering an engaging experience for viewers.

This ongoing collaboration marks a significant milestone in F1 community racing, proudly supported by GT Omega.