MOZA RS Wheels Specs

General Specifications 
Wheel Materials Italy Imported Alcantara/Nappa First Layer Leather
Frame Material Brushed Aluminum Alloy
Panel Material Forged Carbon Fiber
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
Paddles Material Forged Carbon Fiber
Size 13 inch
Magnetic Paddles Quantity 4
Mechanical Keyboard Texture Buttons 10
20-segment Knob (Can be pressed) 2
Universal Rocker (can be pressed) 2
Racing Horn 1
Highlight LED RGB Lamp 10
LED Colour Colour Customisation
Smart Telementry Suppourt
MOZA Pit House Suppourted
Assembly Way D1 SPEC Realistic Racing Quick Release
Power Supply Wireless
Signal Transmission Wireless
Magnetic Paddles Induction Method Photoelectric Contactless
Magnetic Paddles Mode Dual-clutch/Single-clutch/Switch