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The new MOZA RACING R12 Wheel Base launched this week, and we’ve been bombarded with questions about compatibility and suitability with the of GT Omega sim cockpits and wheel stands.


We'll take any excuse to get behind the wheel and checking out the R12 was a no brainer. Check our thoughts on the MOZA R12 below.

MOZA RACING R12 Wheel Base with FSR wheel attached

What is the MOZA R12?

Representing a fantastic step up in quality, the MOZA R12 Wheel Base fills an interesting gap in both, MOZA’s offerings, and the sim racing hardware landscape as a whole. 


Although they’re not the first company to offer something in this specific range, MOZA’s generous price-to-performance balance means that they can field a killer wheel base that will hit your wallet a little less than other options.

 MOZA R12 with features


This approach to product development is one we share at GT Omega. Meaning that sim racing fans around the world will always be able to find a nice combination of GT Omega and MOZA products to fit their budget and requirements for getting on the track.

Flawless feedback

Although there are many considerations to be made when looking to picking a new wheel base, the quality of the feedback is probably the most important. The 12N·M of torque range is considered by many advanced sim racers to be the “sweet spot” for high fidelity feedback and the MOZA R12 lands in this spot exactly, producing a peak torque of 12N·M. In addition to this, the MOZA R12 features MOZA’s new generation Force Feedback Filtering Algorithm, delivering a more refined feel when driving.


What does this mean for you behind the wheel? Simply put, it will give you the opportunity to elevate your racing performance. This high-performance mid-range wheel base provides much more detailed feedback when driving, allowing you to build up more consistency and enables you to fine-tune your control and responsiveness over every inch of the road.

A return to form

Close up of MOZA R12 Wheel Base with KS steering wheel

MOZA have opted to keep running with the same design aesthetic for their R12. The now recognisable “blocky” form continues in the direct drive market and, although not a complete turnoff, it would be nice to see something a little more eye catching.


This compact look is something we have become accustomed to after many months of using the R9 in the GT Omega office for “work” and the only major concern we have is that we’re going to have someone grab an R9 off the shelf instead of an R12 when testing equipment. The R12 body is slightly longer by around 1.5cm but it’s barely noticeable. Some finer details have been added to the MOZA R12 which shows off the MOZA team’s growing attention to detail. A beautiful (and useful) engraved R12 is on the side of the unit and the power supply now features some tasteful illuminated MOZA branding while powered.

Functional and practical

Man sim racing using the MOZA R12 Wheel Base

MOZA have been consistently delivering functional design choices with their equipment and the R12 is no different. Providing all the expected features sim racers expect and one major quality of life update, the MOZA R12 is a contender for the most comprehensive and cost-effective midrange wheel base available today.


The market leading MOZA quick release system shines once again as a highlight of the wheel base. Allowing you to seamlessly swap in and out all recent and future additions to MOZA’s ever expanding wheel collection. In addition to this the wheel base now features 4 built-in RJ ports in the back acting as its own Universal Hub and allowing you streamline your entire racing set up. If you’re like me and are picky with your cable management this feature is an absolute life saver and should be a standard going forward.

Final thoughts

Man sim racing using the MOZA R12 Wheel Base

There are so many considerations to be had when deciding on what kind of equipment you will be running on your sim set up and the MOZA R12 delivers on almost every single front. It’s such a solid piece of kit that I would say it would be worth revising your budgeting to pick up the R12 over the R9 if you can afford it.
The higher quality feedback is worth the extra price of admission alone but when you couple it with the fantastic quality of life upgrade of the built in universal hub, it’s an absolute no brainer. For anyone who is looking to set up a rig that they could use for years to come the R12 should not only be on your list of considerations, but it should also be at the top of it.

The R12 does not come without downsides though.


As with all MOZA products the R12 wheel base is not currently compatible with consoles. Obviously this isn’t a dealbreaker if you are a PC gamer but if you ever race on console something like the CSL DD with the boost kit is probably still your best bet.

In addition to this, the default profile on the MOZA Pithouse software is not great. This isn’t a huge negative by any means as it’s obviously easy enough to change it all up to your preferences but it definitely seems like a bit of an oversight and dulls the “out of the box” experience.


It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the MOZA equipment here at GT Omega and the MOZA R12 has surpassed our already high expectations. It’s going to be our wheel base of choice for a while.

Pick up your MOZA R12 Wheel Base today

MOZA RACING R12 Wheel Base front right angle

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