INERTIA Bucket Seat

Color - INERTIA Bucket Seat: Black

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Adjustable mounting positions let you find your ideal racing position. From a standard GT position, to something more suited for Formula style racing.


A lightweight yet stable fibreglass frame, expertly cushioned and wrapped in premium breathable fabric.


Specially contoured for the human spine, our bucket seats hold you firmly in place to let you race with complete confidence.


Included with the Inertia bucket seat is a universal Mounting Bracket which lets you easily mount it to any GT Omega cockpit or rear frame. This includes seat sliders allowing you to adjust your seating position on the fly.

Product Details

Introducing the GT Omega INERTIA Bucket Seat. A new addition to our growing line of sim racing seats and our elite level, GT Bucket Seat

A high-quality racing seat, built with high-quality materials, our INERTIA Bucket Seat spares no expense in providing a truly immersive sim racing experience and a clean aesthetic upgrade.

 A lightweight fibreglass frame contoured for the human body, padded with specially selected cold cure foam cushions help you to maintain the ideal racing position in complete comfort. The soft and breathable fabric which adorns the seat itself helps you keep cool while racing for long or short periods.

 Everyone’s comfort and support needs are different, and the GT Omega Sim Racing Bucket Seats allow you to meet yours. Adjustable cushioning means you can easily make small adaptions to maximise your comfort and put the support where you need it most.

  • GT Racing Position
  • Lightweight Fibreglass Frame
  • Included Universal Mounting Bracket with Seat Sliders
  • Adjustable High-Density Foam Cushioning
  • Multiple Colour Options
Q: What is a bucket seat?

A: A bucket seat is a car seat which has been specially contoured to hold a single person. A simple yet elegant design which typically has a deep seating area with raised sides which partially enclose the body.

Q: What are the benefits of bucket seats for sim racing?

A: When it comes to sim racing, bucket seats strike a perfect balance between purpose and comfort. As well as offering a more immersive sim racing experience, the seats themselves are cushioned yet tight fitting allowing you to comfortably focus on your performance on the track.

Q: Will a bucket seat make me a better driver?

A: The short answer here is No. Simply using a bucket seat on your rig will not make you a better driver. But with that said, they can certainly enable you to develop your skills behind the wheel.

Q: How can a bucket seat help me drive better?

A: Using a fixed form bucket seat helps you to reduce and remove some variables while driving which enables you to easily develop good habits and muscle memory.

Issues like seats flexing under braking pressure or unwanted lateral movement cause you to make micro-adjustments while racing. This makes it harder to develop the muscle memory you need and can even lead to developing bad racing habits as you are instinctively compensating for them.By reducing or removing these factors you’ll notice you start to perform more consistently from one lap to another. The mental and physical bandwidth you spent on making the adjustments needed instead can be attributed toward developing good habits and shaving those crucial seconds off your times.

Q: Why should I go with a GT Omega Bucket Seat for sim racing?

A: At GT Omega we strive to offer premium quality gaming equipment at affordable prices and our Bucket Seats are no different. Over 14 years of experience in the sim racing market has allowed us to deliver consistently great equipment at price points for everyone.With our 3 year warranty, free shipping and competitive price points it’s easy to see why we offer the best value for money sim racing bucket seats. To sweeten the deal, all GT Omega Bucket Seats come with mounting brackets and seat sliders out of the box. Many others will expect you to buy these in addition to your seat, but we know it’s an absolute must for improving your experience. Sim Racing can be an expensive hobby. Why pay more for less?