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MOZA R5 Bundle Specs

R5 Wheelbase

Case Material Aviation Grade Aluminium
Cooling Type Passive
Platform PC (Windows)
Drive Form Direct Drive
Steering Angle Unlimited
Macimum Torque 5.5 Nm
Maximum Power 95W
Input Voltage
110V-220V AC | 12 V DC
USB Refresh Rate 1000Hz
Quick Release D1 Compatible
Connection Port Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Display Screen
Mounting 4 Holes on base. Exclusive Holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp
Size 156.8mm x 73.9mm x 124mm (L x W x H)

ES Steering Wheel

Wheel Material
Microfiber Leather
Frame and Front Plate Material 
Aluminium Alloy
Dial Material
Aluminium Alloy
11 inches
Programmable Buttons
LED Lamp Beads
Intelligent Telemetry
Configurable LEDs (MOZA Pit House)
Disassembly Method
Quick Release System

SR-P Pedals

Material High-strength Steel
Plate Material High-Strength Steel
Colour Black
Pedal Sensor Type Hall Sensor
Pedal Spacing Adjustable
Pedal Plate Height Adjustable
Pedal Input Adjustment Supported
Pedal Input Reversal Supported
Pedal Output Curve Adjustment Supported
Anti-Slip Pad Included
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