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GT Omega x PSGL

GT Omega x PSGL

As we enter the third season of GT Omega's proud sponsorship of PSGL, we take a closer look into PSGL and how it became the success it is today. As well as this, we will tell you about how the sponsorship came about and how you can find out more information about PSGL. 


If you are interested in E-Sports then we're sure PSGL needs no introduction but if you're new to E-Sports then they are definitely one to check out. 

What is PSGL?

PSGL or Premier Sim Gaming Leagues is an organisation that specialises in running leagues and competitions on the F1 video game. Initially named ‘PS3GL’, its roots trace back to solely running PlayStation 3 events on Codemasters’ F1 title as well as FIFA and Gran Turismo 5. Over the years, PSGL has dipped in and out of different games but the F1 franchise remains its most popular, amassing a community of over 8000 members on Discord. Having moved from a forum in 2019. F1 video game titles as well as FIFA and Gran Turismo 5 are their main focus and success.


Currently PSGL is best known for its F1 leagues, where anyone from around the world can sign up and race other drivers with a passion for racing on a weekly basis. Drivers go head-to-head across a 12 to 14-week period - as they would in real life F1  - looking to score the most points and thus become champion.


With most drivers nowadays having the ambition of becoming a professional F1 Esports driver, PSGL gives these drivers the platform to showcase their talents. As well as this, drivers can progress through tier systems and can aim to reach PSGL's top tier on PC. This allows them to battle against the best pro drivers in the world such as Jarno Opmeer, Bari Boroumand and Thomas Ronhaar.

How Did PSGL Come To Be?

PS3GL was founded in 2008, with it simply being a website and a forum looking to bring like-minded individuals together. This began on the PlayStation 3 platform across a number of games including Call Of Duty, FIFA and F1 Championship Edition.


Over time the community grew and grew and, in turn, had a number of rebrands. Particulary in the PlayStation Gaming Leagues with the arrival of the PS4. After this came the Premier Sim Gaming Leagues in January 2021 as it looked to encompass other platforms such as PC.

When Did PSGL Have Its First Big Breakthrough?

PSGL had its big breakthrough midway through F1 2020 with the launch of its PC tier. PSGL started its first-ever PC championship in January 2021, in line with its rebrand to Premier Sim Gaming Leagues.


They managed to attract lead commentators George Morgan and Jack Cunnane to PSGL from a rival league.  A number of the best drivers around at the time, including Jarno Opmeer, Dani Moreno, Bari Boroumand also participated in the season. Giving PSGL a high quality cast, attracting a wider audience to the league. 


Following a successful first PC season, PSGL's second campaign took off at the start of F1 2021. The previous season's success allowed PSGL to attracted over two-thirds of the 2021 F1 Esports grid.


Since then, PSGL has continued on that upwards trajectory and has established itself as the dominant F1 league in the community. Regularly they have attracted all competing F1 Esports drivers, F1 Esports Academy drivers & top tier community drivers.

GT Omega x PSGL

GT Omega & PSGL Partnership

Halfway through 2022, GT Omega and PSGL started a brand new Sponsorship deal like nothing seen before in the F1 Esports Community.

PSGL x GT Omega entered partnership at the beginning of PSGL Season 31, in that time not only have PSGL continued to develop as the frontrunning community event across individual F1 events, but in the newest season, they have now created a brand new Team event called PSGL ESeries. For the first time ever (To our knowledge), in F1 community league racing history, a team event organised by a community organiser has been entered by official F1 esports teams!

PSGLs’ ESeries includes Factory F1 teams such as Williams F1 & Haas F1, as well as F1 factory team esports partners in R8G Esports (Haas F1 Partner), Raceclutch (Alpine F1 partner) & Veloce (Alfa Romeo F1, Mercedes F1 & Mclaren F1 Partner). 

PSGL E-Series lineup

This is something which GT Omega are extremely proud to support & provide the necessary resources to enable such historic events to take place.

Since the start of the partnership, GT Omega has helped to provide equipment to improve the overall quality of the event streams & enable the commentary & staff team to focus fully on bringing the entertainment to the viewers.  

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Season 33 Schedule

With 2 seasons already under our belts in this partnership, we have now entered our third season and PSGL's Season 33 as a whole. With races on almost daily you won’t be short of things to watch if you are a motorsports fan, or if you have a consistent free day & are itching to race, why not consider signing up? 

PSGL Calendar

If you want to check out PSGL, you can find them here

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